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Institutional Asset Tokenization

Blockchain is changing the future. Financial institutions are facing the challenge of keeping up with the demand for tokenized assets while ensuring safety and compliance. Wondering where to start? One of the biggest hurdles is the lack of in-house expertise. But don’t worry, our expert services can help you meet these growing demands and stay ahead of the competition by accelerating your time to market!

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With our talented team of blockchain developers, we help custodian banks, investment management firms, and other BFS firms navigate the complexities of tokenization, ensuring that their services are secure and compliant with regulations.

Digital Asset Tokenization Services

We help financial institutions gain the benefits of increased liquidity and reduced transaction friction through tokenization. Whether it’s tokenizing traditional products like equities and bonds or enabling digital assets like NFTs, our services enable asset tracking and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Digital Asset Custody Services

Expand your asset class offerings to include digital assets such as bitcoin and ether. We help custodian banks and investment management firms build custom custody solutions with rich features and functions and integrations with existing systems while meeting stringent security and regulatory requirements.

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Blockchain Success Stories

We helped one of the largest custodian banks to expand their custodial services to include cryptocurrency as an asset class, helping them meet the growing demand of custody of digital assets from financial institutions.
We helped an American investment bank streamline bond and security issuance through tokenization which optimized liquidity and reduced transaction friction for seamless transactions.
We helped a fintech company successfully launch a peer-to-peer lending platform to borrow and lend money while building verifiable credit history on a blockchain ledger.

Learn about some of our

Financial Services Success Stories

We helped save $800MM for a global fintech and payments leader in North America by consolidating their credit card management solution.
We delivered incremental modernization from Mainframe to Microservices for a payment processing firm to reduce costs.
We designed and developed mortgage underwriting process automation for a leading mortgage services firm.

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We can help you accelerate your asset tokenization initiatives with our specialized PODs

Maximize your asset tokenization success with our specialized PODs of blockchain experts. Tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives, our PODs bring a combination of skills, experience, and alignment with your development practice to ensure smooth execution and optimal results for your tokenization initiatives.

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